One of our new songs thats going to be on the album! We spent all yesterday doing gangshouts! That’s so fun. Good times here at the panda studios!

this is me

Recording at The panda studios and drinking these every hour of The day = good Cali lifestyle for me.

This makes me happy!

mår som en prins i california

Recording an album at the panda studios!

Bakis idag, skjut mig etc

Sent en fredagskväll!

backstage på tyrol, spelar här ikväll med millencolin och neverstore! nice nice, nervös också!

such anger. such wow.

This is me and my set up.

My guitar is a custom made Hagström ultra swede (made in Sweden) with graphics design by Jonas Hagström (famous snowboarder here).

I have a the Emg Het-set installed, James Hetfields signature pickups, the bridge pup is the only one that’s connected. I Also have the Emg afterburner, which can make everything louder.

i use a 50w Mesa boogie Single Rectifier with a slant marshall 4x12 cab. The Mesa head have the absolute best sound i’ve ever heard, if you crank it up you get the chills, that raw modern sound that the guitar produces together with the amp is exactly what i have been hearing in my head since i first started playing guitar. 

no pedals, only a polytune.


The Ramones at Eric’s Club, Liverpool, 1977, By Ian Dickson

best picture i’ve seen

A band called Death.

Riktigt bra dokumentär, se den!

har så tråkigt lol

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